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It's so hard being so handsomes.

Haywo fwends!

So manys of yous has been lookings ats my website! I is literally famous AND handsomes. Mummy says everyone is lookings because dey want to see my lovely face. I know shes is right because she tells me every day I is a handsomes pants. So this month we have been so busy sending out orders to fwends but now because we did do going live on de website we now have new fwends making orders. Mummy has made soooooo many today and the best bit is I gets a treat every time she sends a box. My tummy is so happys right now.

When Mummy goes to her actual works at the green nee naws I go and visits my Aunty Cawoline. I do loves her so much, she does cuddles and has so many dog beds that I do have a go on. We go on walks togethers. Aunty Cawoline is the chief testerer for all my leads so I haves to listen to how wonderfuls they ares in her house too!

Anyways peoples - now some of you new fwends are wearing all the fancy stuff what I do make I would loves to see a picture of you looking pwetty or handsomes in it. Please send them to me and mummy - just try not to look as handsomes as what I do. I need to sleep now - I is exhausted from all the excitement todays.

Bum sniff and tail wags eveweebody..................................


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