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Bertie's Blog

Meet Bertie

Haywo Fwend! You look like you like dogs! Do you like dogs? I like dogs? My mummy likes dogs, my small humans like dogs! DOGS ARE THE BEST (and cats because I have two kittens of my own! Their food is AMAZING!)

My name is Bertie, I am 12 years old and I am the


My mummy Diane has worked really hard to make me the most handsomest doddy ever with lots of lovely collars and bo'w'ne ties - not that I need help because I AM a handsomes pants already. I know this because she tells me EEEEEE -VERY day. I also know I am a good boy because she tells me that too and then I wag. my tail and smile and she says 'oh Boo you're such a handsomes pants" and then gives me a nose boop and kisses me. Don't tell anyone but her breath smells a bit. I'd prefer it if she could just eat some poo and everyone would smell the same and be happy. I'm still working on it.

Anyway, Mummy is going to let me write a doggy bloggy so I just wanted to wag my tail at everyone and send a big slobbery kiss and I'll write some more soon!


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