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'Tis the season to eat more biscuits

Fa la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,

Seasons greetings Boss Dog extraordinaire fans! I am feeling so Christmassy!

Mummy has been making soooo many doddies handsomes and pwetties and every time she sends them a biscuit I gets one too! Everyone needs to buy more fings so I cans eats the biscuits peoples! They tis yummy!

I had to go to the vets last week - I think I was sooooooooooooo exhausted from supawvising Mummy sewing, that I had a little trip to see Aunty Hannah at Milford Vets. I like her because she does call me 'young man' and then cuddle me. Mummy did do crying because she was doing worryings but I am oks and have just done more sleepings and dreamings and being more handsomes and I feel SO much better!

Last month Mummy delivered nearly 700 Bertie wears to Animal Magic Dog Groomers in Godalming. I made sure I sniffed everyfings so when the other babies do gets some Christmas fings then they will smells just like whats I do's. Ta daaaaa!

Anyway fans of the handsomes (that's me) have a very happy Christmas - make sure your Mummy's and Daddy's buy you a Bertie present!

Love Bertie x

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