Bandana - Cherry Blossom Collection.

Available in Red and Navy.

Matching accessories available.


We believe that every furbaby should have a wardrobe so furbulous they are the envy of their furry friends. Every bandana should be like a coat, it is put on when they leave the house and taken off when they come back. This will prolong the life of each bandana and be safer for your furbaby.


The Cherry Blossom Collection is lovingly pawmade out of cotton with an opening to go over the corresponding sized collar. The pattern placement and sizing may vary slightly. These items could be damaged if your furbaby is allowed to swim in them.


We recommend your items are hand washed in warm soapy water and laid flat to dry. Once dry, bandanas may be ironed on a cotton setting.


It is your responsibility to check your furbaby’s bandana regularly for wear and tear and the suitability of this product for your pet.


    Over Collar Bandana - Cherry Blossom