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At Bertie and Co. Pet Accessories Ltd we believe that every dog should be treated like Royalty so are delighted to share with you our Natural Training Treats Collection.


Our collection comprises of :-

Three Bird Bites 150g Packet

Salmon and Trout Bites 200g Packet

Natural Pork and Apple Bites 100g Packet (Top Tip - these treats can be broken in two to last longer!)

Pheasant Meat Chews 100g (Top Tip - these treats can be broken into multiple pieces to last longer!)


Or Buy a bundle and get 1 of each flavour 


Dog Info - Sniff packet, bark and spin at same time until owner gives treat, eat whole and repeat.


Owners - each packet comes with ingrediant lists. It is your responsibility to make sure your dogs are not allergic to the products.


Dogs should not be left unattended with treats.

Training Treats

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