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Happy 1st Birthday!

Haywo Fwends! Tis' I, Bertie, Boss Dog Extraordinaire!

My very fancy business is 1 today, so I am woofing from the rooftops to tell everypawdy!

In the last year I have had a treato everytime Mummy has packed an order, su-paw-vised every single thing she has made,, personally sniffed and licked every package AND had lots of new red collars and bow ties. As you can read I have been incredibly busy and incredibly handsome!

To celebrate my fancy business being 1 year old, I am going to be doing some fancy things this month,

The first fancy thing I will do is give every-pawdy free postage with the code FREESHIPPING at checkout. This lasts for the wholllllllllle of September!

If that's not exciting enough there will be lots of other things happening this month too AND its even Mummy's birthday AND my birthday in September!

I'm going to go and get ready for Mummy to sing Happy Birthday to me now so speak soon!




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