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Pawty time!

Haywo fwends!

'Tis I - distinguished gent of 13 years old land - I ams nows a grown of the ups and therefore must behaves likes a distinguished gent! Oh I cans nots do this and will carry on being a handsomes pants instead. Yesterday was my Woofday and it was PAWSOME! I wore my Happys of the Birthdays bandana and Mummy took cheeeeeeeeeeese on my Birthday Pawty dog walk with Aunty Katie who walks my fwends at Witley Dog Walking Services.

September has been a vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy vewy busy month for the Mummy. In 1 month she has had orders for over 750 pieces of Bertie Wear - EVVVVVVVVVEWEEBODY is going to look sooooooooooooooooooooooo pawsome!

Halloween is coming up this month but Mummy has soooooooooooooooooooooo many orders to do so we ares nots doings Halloween stuff this year BUT BUT BUT BUT BUT you CAN go and visit Aunty Kirsty at because she has somes AMAZING Halloween fings. Tell her I sent you and she might send me a tweat.

Anyways fwends - fankyous for looking so pwetty and handsomes in your Bertie Wear - there's Christmas fings coming soons AND special stuffs for all the special doddy walkers.

Tail wags and bum sniffs....

Bertie x

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